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"Take The High Road, The View Is Much More Better"

We do realize that long-term business can only be made with high-quality products, economical prices, quick delivery and speedy service. Hence, the building of mutual trust and confidence by exporting products with value constantly stay at the top of our company policy.

Welcome to the Sokhoor's network platform

Global Network

The company is driving its exports growth constantly and expanding its reach to different territories across the continents. With traditional focus on the Middle East as strategic growth markets, Sokhoor Al Arab is looking forward to enter into new geographical areas to increase its exports.

Apart from that we also maintain complete hygiene in our manufacturing unit. All the employees work under constant surveillance and also as per market standards.

The establishment has succeeded in collecting many agencies for national and international factories .it varies between India,china,Oman ,Turkey and Spain in the following pattern:

  • In India more than 40 Factories
  • In China 23 Factories
  • In Spain 6 Factories
  • In Turkey 9 Factories
  • In Oman 2 Factories
  • Nationally 5 Factories

The National agencies is as follow:

  • Saudi Ceramics Factory
  • Saudi Fanar Factory
  • Saudi Jamal Factory
  • Saudi Dar Factory
  • Future Factory
  • Nationally 5 Factories

The products of the company consist of the prettiest designs that follows the latest fashion trends which suites variety of tastes with high quality and competitive prices .